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We take pride in our role as a doorway for over two thousand international learners. From our inception within academia, we have worked alongside educators and learners to engage and facilitate learning initiatives in and out of Latin America.

Representing a group of passionate, globally-minded educators, learners and dreamers. We come from around the world unified by our vision to expand opportunities for reciprocal international learning.

"They are truly curators of fantastic experiences!"

Zare Ferragi

Adjunct Professor

UFSCar Federal University

São Carlos, Brazil

Our Mission:

To connect learners, academia and organizations inspiring each to comprehend and impact

our global community.

Our Story:

First envisioned by two students at the University of São Paulo, campus b was a response to the demands of visiting universities who did not have a reliable in-country partner to entrust with their logistics demands. The organization evolved to become the first Brazilian-operated coordinator specialized in supporting university faculty and their customized education programs.  


Today, the organization encompasses a set of in-country resources for educators and learners across Latin America. From logistics to academic integration and learning interactions, campus b is a uniquely positioned international education facilitator promoting learning experiences across our campus: Latin America. 

Our Team:
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Advisory Board

The Campus B Advisory Board convenes prominent experts to provide strategic guidance and input on matters that promote the longevity and scope of Campus B. Each advisor brings invaluable perspectives from their respective fields and together they impart strategic insights for the Campus B team to approach important decisions and long-term planning.


With this diverse collective of minds we look to foster and promote three key foci: future thinking, reach and impact.

Rua Belmiro Braga, 46

São Paulo - SP - Brazil



+ 55 11 2679 0555

+ 55 11 2532 5082

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Letícia Nogueira

Graduated in Accountancy Sciences at Universidade Nove de Julho. My way of enjoying life is to dance and hanging out. I'm shy but fun at the same time. I love chocolate, soccer and the beaches of Brazilian northneastern. A dream? I'd like to visit Disney and travel around the world. Nice to meet you, Letícia