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Virtual International Experiences

Campus b has been offering top-notch international education experiences since 2010. Over 4,000 students from over 80 universities have already been part of our experiential  learning programs.


Previously, we have offered a hybrid customized program (virtual + in-person).  Due to the Covid19 pandemic, international traveling has been a challenging and  uncertain for a period of time. For that reason, we want presente a unique solution: Campus B Virtual International Experience.




social impact

innovation lab 2020

October 12th to November 6th , 2020

Registration Deadline: October 7th





virtual internships

January 25th to March 26th, 2021

Registration Deadline:  december 11th


for faculty

Feel free to contact us and set up a meeting with us for a better understanding of what can be offered!

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process works

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Campus B is a top-notch third-party provider for international internships. Our engineering students receive high-quality placements that make for a meaningful cultural, educational, and professional experience. We can trust that Campus B holds itself to the highest standards of quality and safety for our students. I would highly recommend Campus B for STEM internships."

Morgan Trevino

Texas Tech University - International Programs Manager Oversees North, Central, and South America

I have been working with Campus B for 4 years to help organize and manage my month long faculty-led international experience for students at my university. Campus B is incredibly organized and knowledgeable on how to cater to the student experience abroad. They have many connections with universities, government agencies, and companies to offer a wide array of learning experiences for my students. They do a great job collaborating with you on building a robust educational and international experience with fun extracurricular events for the students to engage in the culture. I highly recommend them for any of your international programming needs!"

Courtney Pfluger

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University


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