"Campus Brasil are hands down the best educational tourism company in South America! Having local cultural understanding and connections, and trained local staff accompanying your group for the duration of the visit are benefits that cannot be overestimated, which most companies based in the US or elsewhere simply can't provide.  The staff's professionalism, sense of humor, and generosity (they have been known to literally lend you their shoes if you need a pair), are second to none. Travel with Campus Brasil ensures a top notch truly Brazilian experience!"

Jon Michael Huffman

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler Business School 

Global Business Program '16

"What an incredible experience! Campus Brasil did exactly what they said they would do - they "made us feel at home." They provided the LSU Flores MBA students the opportunity to visit many leading companies and meet and converse with top executives. In addition, the experience of working with students of ESPM in São Paulo was unforgettable. Being able to work directly with Brazilian students creates a new meaning of teamwork for me. Campus Brasil created a lasting experience for me, and

I know they will continue to do the same for many more Graduate programs to come. Geaux Tigers, and Geaux Campus Brasil!"

Katie Routh

MBA Candidate, Flores MBA Program at the Louisiana State University 

MBA in Brazil “Challenges and Opportunities” ’14

"I had the pleasure of working with Campus Brasil on a consulting project as part of my MBA at the University of Illinois. 

Campus Brasil not only provided us with a platform to understand business in Brazil but also helped us indulge in the Brazilian culture, which are two critical factors for succeeding as a global professional. The Campus team was fantastic and their support, right from day one, was crucial to the completion of the project. They were smart, resourceful and personable, which are qualities that I look for in people I work with, and above all I am glad to call them my friends. The learning, knowledge and experience have been phenomenal, and in my opinion this is a great opportunity for students to grow - both professionally and personally. All the best Campus Brasil and keep up the exceptional work."

Richy Philip Varghese

MBA Candidate '17 - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

Global Consulting Program Brazil - 2017

"Our trip to Brazil was amazing! Thanks to the excellent coordinators, we were able to visit several of the most breathtaking sites on Earth.  Not only was the trip well organized, but the team was flexible and very gracious.  Campus Brasil really took care of our group's needs and saw to it that we got to enjoy the rich culture and get a taste of doing business in Brazil."

Kelli May

MBA Student '12 -- S.C. Johnson School of Management, Cornell University

International Management in Brazil '12

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São Paulo - SP - Brazil



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