Founded on the belief that each interaction between learner and leader can inspire the reach of an idea. We work to engage our logistics expertise to promote the facilitation of experiential interactions that connect people.

From academia to community organizations and private enterprise, we work to open learning channels for learners to interact with practical examples of their studies.  Whether through pre-arrival courses, on-the-ground coordination or post-program re-entry activities, we support learners and educators with value-added resources — being your local support staff.


Relax and take comfort that you are guests in our country. 

We greet you as your program specialists ready to be a reliable

on-the-ground logistics partner.



TAILORED COORDINATION is local, bi-lingual support available 24/7 to ensure your program runs smoothly so you can focus on your objectives – to explore academic and cultural interests across our diverse continent. 


TAILORED ACCOMMODATIONS is understanding that everyone has their own expectation of comfort and that means coordinating a variety of accommodations ranging from eco-lodging to 4-star hotels, providing flexibility for your stay.



TAILORED TRANSPORTATION is showing you the alternate routes: a rainforest trail, a one-lane road, an urban passageway.  Each direction designed with you in mind – knowing what you expect, appreciate and what originally moved you to explore this new world. 


“Our program was tricky.  The logistical expertise required to ensure the educational rigor and prestige is kept at a very high level is far above other programs.  We had an excellent itinerary, but it was thanks to Campus Brasil that we ultimately had an excellent trip.  It was all the little things in between the business stops and the logistical prowess of Campus Brasil that truly helped make this trip an experience of a lifetime for our students.”

Jessa Barnard


Director of Education Abroad Programs, College of ACES

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Our philosophy is simple: education is realized through experiential learning interactions.


We start by listening to your objectives, our team uses a local network of academics, private-sector leaders, community organizers and government officials to develop new learning pathways that encompass a broader learning scope on Latin America — complementing experiential, international learning. 



field visits. complementary experiences that introduce learners to real-world settings including companies, organizations,  etc


international peer learning. the process of pairing international learners with their local peers to enhance and strengthen the studies and experiences of all involved


community development projects. learners – both local and international – collaborate with community partners to complement sustainable local projects 


case competitions. bringing international learners together with their local peers to innovate solutions for local companies, organizations and community partners 


academic roundtables. learners, faculty and local leaders come together to discuss pertinent local issues within global contexts  


problem-based learning challenges. assembling a project team of local and international learners, we arrange a 1-month challenge wherein learners collaborate to resolve a problem for a local or multinational entity


consulting projects (MBA + Undergraduate).  we pair learners – both local and international – with Latin American and multinational companies to collaborate and provide value-added solutions for their clients, bringing them face-to-face with real-world projects 


internships. international learners are given the opportunity to work in Latin America to gain real-world, international experience while understanding the cultural nuances of work-life in Latin America.


startup whiteboards. learners – both local and international – work together to create a startup concept; guided by faculty from both the host and visiting universities and appraised by local entrepreneurs 


C-level conversations. bringing international learners – MBAs and EMBAs – together with Managers, CEOs, CFOs, Directors, and Founders, of some of Latin America's most renowned companies and organizations.



We are proud of the interactions we are able to facilitate and are eager to coordinate these experiences for you.  Contact us to discuss how we can work with you to elevate your ‘trip’ into an immersive learning program. 


“Our experiences with Campus Brasil are excellent. The activities and interactions they organize set an international quality standard, and the services they offer reflect respect and care for all people involved. We are very satisfied with Campus Brasil and we trust that our international partner universities are also aware of the high standard of services they offer."

Prof. Edgard B. Cornacchione Júnior, 

Ph.D. – Chairman of the Department of Accounting and Actuarial Sciences, Faculty in the School of Economics, Business and Accounting (FEA) University of São Paulo



From the vast Amazon to the mountains of Patagonia and the blue waters of the Caribbean, Latin America is a destination full of breathtaking beauty, diversity, history, culture, and opportunity. We proudly open the door to our country for learners supporting intercultural learning through appreciation of Latin America’s cultural treasures. To move beyond the average tourist destination, and immerse learners in a true, authentic Latin America.


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