Renewable Energy and Sustainability

in Brazil

11-Day Sample Program in São Paulo, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro

Renewable energy has evolved from a trending topic to a main driver of energy growth the recent years.  With companies and governments recognizing the constructive consequences in optimizing old technics and creating new ways to produce power; today we can study and analyze this industry and discover how the future will play out. 


Today, with expanding influence from national and international spheres, the Brazilian renewable energy sector is growing.  In a country that already produces 75% of its electricity generation from hydroelectricity, the Brazilian power matrix is quickly evolving to include the fast growing wind and solar power industries.  Last year (2015), wind power was the fastest growing source of electrical power in Brazil — it had the highest growth rate in the world — with 6% of Brazilians relying on wind energy, 

representing 45 million people or equivalent to powering almost every home in the state of Sao Paulo!


The Brazilian market is ambitious, hoping to reach 18.8 GW of wind capacity by 2019; a goal complemented by Brazil’s announcement that the country would reduce greenhouse gas emissions 37 percent below 2005 levels by 2025, with an "indicative target" of 43 percent reduction by 2030. This makes Brazil the largest developing country to set an economy-wide emissions target in its climate pledge (see the announcement at the UN General Assembly here).

Our program aims to provide participants a chance to study the approaches a developing nation is taking with renewable energy.

Hereupon, the program will put participants in contact with those responsible for developing this sector in the country, as well as with those studying the field. Moreover, students will also visit socially and environmentally sustainable organizations, interact with Brazilian learners and discuss with those in the front lines of the sustainability battle.

Sample Itinerary 

Day 1 - Arrival in São Paulo  

- Arrival:

Campus Brasil representative will be at the airport to meet your group. - Orientation Session: After check in, there will be a group


- Orientation Session:

About the program and Safety & Culture in Brazil.


- São Paulo City Tour: Since the 60s, São Paulo is the main economic center of Brazil. With a metropolitan population of nearly 20 million inhabitants, São Paulo is the largest city in South America. 


Welcome Dinner: Group dinner at a traditional Brazilian restaurant to kick o the program!

Day 2 -   

- Visit to the Brazilian Wind Energy Association: 
The association brings together all companies responsible for generating wind power in the country. Its goal is to promote the production of electricity from wind power as an additional source of national energy matrix.
 - Visit to a Sustainable Energy Company: Besides respecting the environment, corporate sustainability has the ability to change positively the image of a company with consumers. With the increase of environmental problems, more and more consumers are seeking goods and services from sustainable enterprises.

Day 3 -

-Visit to a NGO working with Renewable Energy Projects: 

Sociedade do Sol - The NGO is dedicated to the development of social technologies in solar and renewable energy and environmental education programs. Its performance is dedicated to developing low environmental impact solutions and reduced costs for power generation working with communities and organizations.
- Travel to São Carlos or Piracicaba (SP).



$ 1,749* per participant


On-site Coordinator
24h Campus Brasil Support
All Breakfasts
Group Meals
Academic + Experiential
* Prices are in USD (U.S. dollar) considering a group of 30 participants + 1 chaperone free of charge, accommodated in a
3-star hotel.  Price is subjected to change based on availability and exchange rate.
3-star Hotel


Send us your desired focus, locations, Brazilian university partner(s), company & organization interactions, along with the desired objectives and goals

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