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Campus Brasil was born in 2010 with the will to transform Brazil into a campus, an international education destination, positively impacting learning and transforming lives of those who study in this diverse country. 

Today, after more than eight years in operation, we are able to reflect on our history and look proudly at our accomplishments - facilitating the mobility of more than 3,000 students and promoting the internationalization of Brazilian higher education. 

For years, we have expanded the border of this international campus embracing Latin America from Patagonia to the Caribbean. 

The time has come to go beyond Brazil, 
to think bigger, 
to act bolder, 
to go borderless, 
to become campus b.

Rua Belmiro Braga, 46

São Paulo - SP - Brazil



+ 55 11 2679 0555

+ 55 11 2532 5082

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