supporting experiential programming across South America

We support your international initiatives


We work alongside MBAs and MBA Program Administrators/Faculty from around the world to support and amplify their international engagement throughout South America.  


We serve as your in-country resource office, facilitating experiential global opportunities and fostering your international education objectives with new ideas and activities through our network of local academic institutions, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.




We combine logistic solutions and experiential learning expertise with a network of local academic institutions, business leaders, and entrepreneurs to open channels for international learners to engage and learn in real-world scenarios across South America. 


Comprised of globally-minded educators, our team pioneers support resources for experiential learning programming.  As South American specialists, we collaborate with you as your local 'guy' to facilitate and realize your international business learning initiatives.


We are your local resource, either to support your programming or to offer customizable itineraries for experiential learning programs across Latin America.  We collaborate with undergraduate and MBA programs to realize personalized, high-impact, action-based international learning programs.  It is our role to connect your programming to unique experiences and constructive interactions by harnessing our logistics expertise, local network of ideas and leaders, local bilingual coordinators and safety management. 

Logistics Coordination
Local Network
Local Bilingual Coordinators
Safety & Risk Management

We work locally to facilitate intelligent logistical coordination that brings you face-to-face with local academics, professionals, and learners.  Whether or not your institution has established in-country relationships, we complement your partnerships and connect you to new partners—introducing you to new ideas, perspectives, and opportunities. 


To ensure constructive immersive programming our team works with you to mitigate safety risks and further provide around-the-clock bilingual coordination—support that allows you to focus on your learning objectives.



Connecting the World to South America

Through our network of Campuses, we facilitate interactions and learning pathways between South America and the World.  Welcoming friends from around the World and helping our countrymen connect with the global community.

100% of former clients recommend us
*taken from feedback surveys taken from May '10 to January '16

"Campus Brasil is my favorite educational travel agency in the world! In addition to arranging top-notch company visits, business lectures and cultural activities, they also take our students to social events and, at the end of the trip, my students have not only learned how business in Brazil functions, they also go home having made close friends with the people from Campus Brasil."

Christine Gozdziak, 

Assistant Dean of Business International Programs at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 

“I really do believe this was the best MBA study trip we have had so far, including our study trips to Russia, China and India. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, friendship and consideration. You did a great job!”

Dr. Edward Watson, 
MBA Professor, Former Director, Globalization Director of Flores MBA

Louisiana State University

"Campus Brasil's work has been very effective in terms of implementing the planned activities as well as solving unexpected problems we might encounter throughout the projects which contribute for the success of our programs. They show concern towards the human side of the project and try their best to meet the aims and expectations of all involved. All the above-mentioned attributes to the success of the initiatives Campus Brasil leads and supports."

Silvia P. de Castro Casa Nova, 

Associate Professor at Business School of University of São Paulo





We support the inception, implementation, and facilitation of MBA consulting projects & programs.  From our positioning on the ground—in Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Colombia—we are able to connect your consulting program to local clients, support your client visits through smart travel logistics and integrate your project with local academics.


Campus complements your program by helping you develop a stronger presence in-country through pre- & post- project facilitation—hosting informational events, generating prospective client introductions, online cultural training courses, and internship support.  


We become your in-country partner supporting greater connectivity and recognition of your program in the region.



Whether you are looking to expand or start a consulting program in South America, we are eager to support your initiative. 


From hosting informational events to connecting your program to local, interested academic and private-sector partners.  Campus is on the ground supporting the implementation of your program. 


We facilitate prospective client introductions and client lead generation for your consulting program.  


To localize your program, we pair your consulting platform with in-country, local student consultants facilitating intercultural consultant teams well equipped to support the client no matter their profile—local or multi-national business, non-profit or community organization




As locals, we are active in our communities. We believe that there is tremendous potential in bringing international energy and perspectives together with community-led initiatives/projects.  When executed in a constructive, sustainable, community-driven approach the results can be beneficial for all involved—the community and visiting learners.


We invite you to explore past community-inspired consulting projects:

"I had the pleasure of working with Campus Brasil on a consulting project as part of my MBA at the University of Illinois. 

Campus Brasil not only provided us with a platform to understand business in Brazil but also helped us indulge in the Brazilian culture, which are two critical factors for succeeding as a global professional. The Campus team was fantastic and their support, right from day one, was crucial to the completion of the project. They were smart, resourceful and personable, which are qualities that I look for in people I work with, and above all I am glad to call them my friends. The learning, knowledge and experience have been phenomenal, and in my opinion this is a great opportunity for students to grow - both professionally and personally. All the best Campus Brasil and keep up the exceptional work."

Richy Philip Varghese

MBA Candidate '17 - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

Global Consulting Program Brazil - 2017

"Our trip to Brazil was amazing! Thanks to the excellent coordinators, we were able to visit several of the most breathtaking sites on Earth.  Not only was the trip well organized, but the team was flexible and very gracious.  Campus Brasil really took care of our group's needs and saw to it that we got to enjoy the rich culture and get a taste of doing business in Brazil."

Kelli May

MBA Student '12 -- S.C. Johnson School of Management, Cornell University

International Management in Brazil '12





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