MBA & EMBA Experiential Learning Programs in South America

We work alongside MBA and EMBA program Administrators/ Faculty from around the world to support and amplify their international engagement throughout South America. We serve as your in-country resource office, facilitating experiential global opportunities and fostering your international education objectives with new ideas and activities through our network of local academic institutions, business leaders and entrepreneurs.


Consulting Projects

connecting your consulting project to local clients

Immersion Programming
Supporting experiential programming across South America
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"Our respect for Campus B is immense.  Leading European Executives into Latin America to gain a rich, deep and authentic understanding of Brazil’s economy is no easy task.  Campus B has proven on all levels the capacity to be an extension of our Business School excellence as we travel abroad in Brazil.  On every level, our Executive MBA participants have extended their thanks and their praise for excellent in-country logistics, comfortable lodgings, strong and pertinent programming (academic as well as corporate visits).  Most importantly, elegance, cultural awareness and diplomacy demonstrate throughout every leg of our trips." 

Kirt Wood

Kedge Global MBA Manager Paris- Kedge Business School

Rua Belmiro Braga, 46

São Paulo - SP - Brazil



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