International Students in Latin America:

a comparative study on international education in the region

December 21, 2016.  A survey was sent to international education professionals as a comparative study exploring Latin American destinations for international learners.  The survey hoped to complement research seeking to understand, and therein promote, international education in the region.

This survey - the first in the series - was focused on U.S. students, as we applied data from IIE's Open Doors Report (most recent edition - 2014): showing 17% of U.S. students studying in the region do so in Costa Rica, whereas 
Brazil, the largest country in Latin America (33% of population), hosts only 8% hosts only 8% U.S. students studying in Latin America.

The responses from the survey showed emphasis on both the destination's safety perception and language accessibility.

As a member of FAUBAI (the Brazilian Association for International Education), Campus Brasil is among those studying ways to increase the number of US students studying in Brazil. 

Below you will find the detailed responses.  We would like to again thank those that responded and encourage those that haven´t to complete the survey here:]


Please see the responses below

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