Interning in Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, offers students the opportunity to experience a work environment in one of most expressive emerging markets while having the chance to explore the country — its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture.  An internship can also be an effective way to enhance your resume, learn Portuguese, make connections, and build an international network.

No matter if you are available for a month or a whole year, Campus B can connect you to a high-impact experience.  We match your profile and expectations to a placement that will contribute to your professional development.



Most of our positions are coordinated for candidates between the ages of 20 to 30 years old who are currently enrolled in a higher education institution (graduate, master, or post-grad degrees).


To ensure a more rewarding experience we suggest you have completed your second year of postsecondary education.


To participate in an internship you must be:

- Student currently enrolled in Higher Education Institution

- Second-year student or above

- Open-minded, responsible and proactive person

- Open to new cultures, a new set of values and approaches

- Fluent in English or Spanish - working knowledge of Portuguese is a strong advantage!




The objective of our international internship placements is to prepare students for a new life journey with new leadership commitments. Campus B provides students with an international experience aiming to develop important soft skills such as intercultural competence and emotional intelligence.  In addition, students will gain a new and broad perspective on the global job market.  


Internship placements are available in a variety of fields and organizational structures. We can place applicants in startupscompanies or non-profit organizations.


We strive to facilitate the right match between student and placement based on an applicant's profile.

  • We strongly recommend that you do not book a flight until dates and visas have been established and granted

  • Some countries require a criminal background check for Visa processing.  In some cases this can take over 30 days to be issued by the local authority, so make sure you already have it before applying for the visa!

  • Although Portuguese is not a requirement for joining the program, we encourage that you try to get at least basic knowledge of the language prior to arrival in Brazil.



up to 90 days: USD 300

more than 90 days: USD 400*


For students who already got an internship offer and need support with documents and bureaucratic procedures to formalize the practice in Brazil.





up to 90 days: USD 825

more than 90 days: USD 1,100*


For students who need support from very first step!



- Search for internship opportunity according to student’s profile

- Pre-arrival orientation about internship practice in Brazil and submission of internship plan

- Full support prior, during and after the student whole process

- Meeting with Internship coordinator at Campus B

- Cultural adjustment support

- Internship agreement (mandatory for internship practice in Brazil)

- Documents and instructions for visa application

- Cultural adjustment support

- Internship Certificate

- Internship agreement (mandatory for internship practice in Brazil)

- Documents and instructions for visa application

- Internship Certificate

*Students from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay, coming to Brazil under Mercosur visa will be charged USD 300, regardless the length of stay.

*Students from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay, coming to Brazil under Mercosur visa will be charged USD 825, regardless the length of stay.


- Visa fees (when applicable)

- Airline tickets

- International Travel Insurance

- Meals and personal expenses


- Airport pick up/drop off

- Accommodation search


The type of visa you will need to do an internship in Brazil depends on the length of your stay.


  • For short-term programs (stays up to 90 days) 

You can enter in Brazil on a "tourist" visa


  • For long-term programs (stays longer than 90 days and up to 1 year) 

You will need to apply for a 'Temporary Visa' for Studies/Internship purposes

No matter the duration, Campus B can help you get the proper documentation to formalize your internship practicum.


Should you need our assistance in arranging your in-country accommodations, we facilitate three types of accommodations:



• Homestay

If you are looking for an immersion in Brazilian culture and experiencing local lifestyles this is the best choice for you!  Brazilian families are open and warm, so be ready to be considered part of the family and experience family events, routine and rules.


• Shared Apartment

If you are seeking a more casual environment and prefer staying with other students/young people, we recommend a shared apartment. Your flatmates will either be fellow internationals, studying or working in Brazil, or Brazilian students.  This living environment can help you get to know the best of your surroundings either from the perspective of a local, or, with someone who can join you on your adventures of discovering your new second home!


• Rented Apartment

If you are looking to get to know a new culture without giving up your independence and autonomy, Campus B can also help find you an apartment--just for you.  Keep in mind this type of accommodation tends to be significantly more expensive than the other options.



1. Are the internships paid?

There is not a rule for that, some positions are paid and some positions unpaid. It is up to the company set up a stipend for the internship and student's profile and length of stay are usually key factors for this decision.

Although some Portuguese would be very useful for your experience in Brazil in general, knowledge of the language is not a requirement for joining the program.

Internship placements are available in a variety of fields and types of companies. Campus B can place you in startups, companies of any size and non-profit organization.

All fields except in the medical area. There are wider range of internship placements in fields like Business, Economics, Finances, International Relations, IT, Marketing, Media/Communications, Architecture, Tourism and Hospitality and Social Work but opportunities are not limited to these fields.

5. Are recent graduates eligible?

Unfortunately not. According to Brazilian legislation it is mandatory be a student enrolled in higher education to be an intern in Brazil.

Internship lasts from 1 month up to 1 year, depending on student's availability.

It will depend on your nationality and length of stay. You will be informed about visa during your application process.

Yes! In fact, Campus B suggests to host companies that internship practices occur from Monday to Tuesday so the international student has the chance to make short trips during internship program. Of course it is up to the company to allow this flexible schedule, but we always do our best to assure this extra free time to enjoy our marvelous country.

2. Do I need to speak Portuguese?

3.What kind of companies offer internships?

4. In which fields we offer internship positions?

6. What is the min/max length for an internship

in Brazil?

7. Do I need a visa for internship program in Brazil?

8. Will I have the opportunity to travel around during my internship program?

9. How does the placement process work?

The placements process begins as soon as you send us your application. After reviewing your application documents we will settle a Skype call to better understand your profile, preferences and goals. After that Campus B will start presenting your application to companies and organizations till find best possible match.

An interview between you and the employer will be settle to assure expectations will be attended and, after get positive feedback from both parts, we will prepare necessary documents and confirm your internship program in Brazil.

10. How long does the application process take?

From the moment Campus B starts searching for your internship position till the day you will actually start working it may takes between 2 or 3 months. We recommend you to apply for the program at least 2 months before desired date for internship start.


For years we have collaborated with institutions from around the world, connecting each to Latin America through programs and constructive interactions with local academia, community organizations, private sector enterprises and public offices



If you have any questions or would like more information about the program, fill out the form below!

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