Environmental Studies and

Renewable Energy in Argentina

12-Day Sample Program in Buenos Aires and La Rioja

Renewable energy has grown increasingly prevalent in recent years as companies and governments worldwide recognize the benefits of moving towards a more sustainable future. The global shift towards more renewable energy will continue to expand as advances in renewable technology develop and more countries around the world implement renewable energy initiatives.


Argentina is the third largest power market in Latin America. While Argentina is still predominantly powered by fossil fuels with about 87% of energy deriving from non-renewable sources, the government has set an aggressive initiative to reach 20% of power demand to be covered by renewable energy by the end of 2025. Due to the high demand, Argentina is quickly moving towards renewable energy and is at the precipice of significant renewable energy development.


As the second largest country in South America, spanning from the wind-swept plains of Patagonia to the sunny subtropical lands in the north, Argentina is abundant with natural resources ripe for wind, solar, and biomass energies. Global criteria for wind energy productions requires average winds of 5m/s or higher to generate wind energy, while Argentina regularly exceeds that criteria with an average of 6m/s and up to 9m/s throughout Patagonia. Its significant wind resources makes Argentina a perfect candidate for further renewable energy development with the potential to become a regional leader in the use of this technology.


Our program aims to educate participants about Argentina’s abundant natural resources and the great initiative this country is making towards a more sustainable future. This program provides students a first hand look at Argentina’s renewable energy technologies and the future plans for development. Students will have the opportunity to meet with leaders in the field, tour various renewable energy sites both in the city and the countryside, as well as tour socially and environmentally centered organizations who are pushing the envelope of renewable energy initiatives in Argentina. While gaining a deep understanding of the sustainable energy landscape, students will also be able to enjoy many of the cultural and social aspects that make Argentina such a culturally rich country.

Sample Itinerary 

Day 1 - Arrival in Buenos Aires

A Campus Argentina representative will be at the airport to meet your group upon arrival. You will be transported to your accommodation.

- Orientation Session:

After check-in, you will have a short orientation session at your lodging about Safety & Culture in Argentina. After the Orientation Session you will have free time to explore, relax, and prepare for your adventure in Argentina!

- Welcome Dinner

In the evening we will have a traditional Argentine barbecue “asado” welcome dinner at or near your lodging.

Day 2 -   

- Buenos Aires City Tour:

After the morning orientation session you will have a full day guided tour of Buenos Aires where you will explore some of Buenos Aires’ most culturally significant neighborhoods. Beginning in the historic Plaza de Mayo, you will walk through some of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, La Boca and its bohemian neighbor San Telmo to discover the birthplace of art and commerce in Argentina. Known for it’s bright colors and picturesque buildings, La Boca is home to some of the city’s most important figures and as well as La Bombonera--the stadium of Argentina’s beloved Boca Juniors soccer team.

- Visit the Fundación Vida Silvestre:

Visit the office of the Fundación Vida Silvestre, the local World Wildlife Fund partner, to learn about their mission to promote conservation of biodiversity and natural resources in Argentina.

Day 3 -

- University Lecture:

After breakfast at your accommodation, you will attend a lecture to learn more about Argentina’s vast resources for harnessing renewable energy, from the wind-swept plains of Patagonia and sun-soaked subtropical lands in the north of the country.

- Meet with a Local Engineer:

In the afternoon you will meet with a local Environmental Engineer for an inside look at Argentina’s efforts to improve Renewable Energy.



$ 1,799* per participant


2 On-site Coordinators
Group Meals
Academic + Experiential
24h Campus Brasil Support
Transfers and Ground
* Prices are in USD (U.S. dollar) considering a group of 30 participants + 1 chaperone free of charge, accommodated in a
3-star hotel.  Price is subjected to change based on availability and exchange rate.
3-star Hotels


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