Customized Internship Experience
All over the year

For the students who are looking for a life-changing international experience to improve professional and intercultural skills and do not know how to make it happen, Campus B is ready to facilitate the right match between student and placement based on an applicant's profile.

To participate in an internship you must be:
  • Student currently enrolled in Higher Education Institution

  • Second-year student or above

  • Open-minded, responsible and proactive person

  • Open to new cultures, a new set of values and approaches

  •  Fluent in English or Spanish - working knowledge of Portuguese is a strong advantage!

Application Process
  1. Submission of application documents

  2. Interview with Campus B Internship Manager for better understanding of student’s profile 

  3. Payment of application fee (U$ 100 - deducted from program’s fee)

  4. Time for internship placement search

  5. Interview with prospective companies for program approval

  6. Internship approval and issuing of acceptance documents

  7. Pre-departure orientation about internship practice in Brazil and submission of internship plan and internship agreement

  8.  Visa instructions (only applicable for some nationalities)

  9. Final instructions and arrival orientation

Application Documents
  • Updated CV

  • Cover letter

  • Recommendation letter from your university

  • up to 90 days: USD 825

  • more than 90 days: USD 1,100

Internship Positions

Internship placements are available in a variety of fields and organizational structures. We can place applicants in multinational & large companies, startups or non-profit organizations. 


We strive to facilitate the right match between student and placement based on an applicant's profile.

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