campus b seeks to expand interest and facilitate greater connectivity to high-impact, experiential learning interactions.  We are pleased to share the following examples to inspire educators to kickstart projects of their own or connect with others to collaborate on applied learning endeavors. 

Graduate Level -MBA 

We are specialized in supporting high-impact experiential learning interactions.  Our local team continues to work alongside MBA educators and candidates to complement international project development and implementation across South America with our set of comprehensive, in-country resources. The following graduate-level, international projects were supported by campus b:   


International MBA Consulting

GCP: Global Consulting Program 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

In March 2017 47 MBA Consultants from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign traveled to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro by invite from their Brazilian clients—10 businesses and organizations.  The 1-week visit marked the mid-point in a semester-long consulting project.  The visit included meet-and-greets, interactions, mid-project presentations and formal meetings with directors and managers from the clients organizations. 



GCP-Brazil has been supported by Campus Brasil since 2012.  In 2017, Campus Brasil’s support services included client acquisition, travel logistics, in-country orientation, schedule management, and cultural excursions. The program engages students in consulting projects with companies in emerging markets, such as Brazil.  Students work remotely with an international client and travel to the designated country to meet with and present to the client.  The trip is partially subsidized to reduce the student cost.  
2017 Local Clients:

International MBA and Undergraduate Consulting

STAR GLOBAL - Student Teams Achieving Results 

In April 2016 twenty-six MBAs traveled to Brazil through STAR.  They engaged in consulting projects for 5 Brazilian organizations professionally presenting actionable recommendations and sharing fresh, high-quality perspective on business challenges.  The entire group started in São Paulo with a weekend-long immersion with Portuguese language workshops, cultural excursions and client meet & greets.  The teams then separated, with teams traveling to Rio de Janeiro.  

STAR Global is a unique action-based learning course for students that pairs senior executives from international corporations with MBA teams from around the globe to address real-world challenges.  Interdisciplinary teams work virtually first in the United States, then on the ground, in-country, like Brazil. 

Campus Brasil has supported the Kenan-Flagler STAR Program since 2015, coordinating in-country program logistics, cultural immersions, local academic integration and intercultural learning interactions.

Sarah Kowalski, a 2015 STAR team member describes her experience in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 


See the final deliverable deck for the STAR Global 2015 Favela Xperience Team: Building a Company to Create Connections


From case competitions to international student consulting projects we are proud to work alongside educators — local and international — and private/public sector leaders to effectuate applied learning interactions throughout Latin America.  

The following undergraduate-level, international projects were supported by campus b: 

Undergraduate Level 


Ambev Case Competition

The competition—an annual event hosted at USP from 2010 to 2015—involved international groups mixing students from UIUC and USP to work on different cases for Ambev—the largest brewing company in Latin America.  The students researched, developed, and presented their cases to a panel of industry leaders and educators.


The interaction had an imbedded internationalization component wherein six Brazilian participants—from the three finalist groups—were given scholarships to travel to the U.S. to visit the University of Illinois for an immersion program. 


10th Annual Technology & Management International Business Plan Competition

Forty-eight students—12 students from four world-class universities on four continents —converged on the city of São Carlos in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, for a 10-day business innovation competition developing new business opportunities for unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) technologies.  Eight multidisciplinary teams of 6 students created business plans—complete with detailing the value proposition, customer segments, channels, customer relationships, and revenue streams—related to the UAV industry and presented these business plans in front of a panel of judges from the industry.   

The challenging, enriching, and intercultural learning experience was complemented with visits to companies and cultural immersion activities in both Campinas and Rio de Janeiro. Student participants were third, fourth, or fifth year undergraduates pursuing engineering and/or business degrees or graduate students pursuing master's degrees in engineering or business.


Alternative Energy in Brazil & the U.S. 2017: an Engineering Case Challenge Northeastern University & Mackenzie University  

Students—22 from Northeastern University and 16 from Mackenzie University—collaborated on a case competition studying the viability of alternative energy technologies in the U.S. and Brazil.  The interaction, hosted at Mackenzie University, involved students from both institutions working together in teams to research, create and present a comparative analysis of the viability of alternative energy technologies in both the U.S. and Brazilian markets.  

The intercultural learning interaction was complemented with a ‘service-focused’ engagement wherein both Brazilian and U.S. students worked with a community organization called Sociedade do Sol to learn how to make and install low cost solar panelling for a residential community. 

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