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We pair learners – both local and international – with Latin American and multinational companies to collaborate and provide value-added solutions for their clients, bringing them face-to-face with real-world projects.


Those projects usually take around 16 weeks (15 weeks on-line + 1 week in-loco) and we help select the companies that can offer the best projects to the students.

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We combine logistic solutions and experiential learning expertise with a network of local academic institutions, business leaders, and entrepreneurs to open channels for international learners to engage and learn in real-world scenarios across South America. 


Tell us more about your program.  What does it look like?  Where will it be?  Which cities, which countries?  Who do you want to meet?


We are eager to help you realize your vision!

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" One of the things you have to find are willing partners who are able to source the right types of businesses. In addition to expertise, i realize there´s a sort of empathy with the principles in Campus b. They create an environment where students come to Brazil to work at these project and are still able to thrive and overcome the cultural diferences, overcome any other types of diferences that might exist."

Hayden Noel

MBA Academic Director - University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

still need some


We are pleased to share the following examples to inspire educators to kickstart projects of their own or connect with others to collaborate on applied learning endeavors. 







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