Business & Economic Development in Colombia

9-Day Sample Program in Bogotá, Medellin and Cartagena

Colombia is one of the more stables economies in South America.  As the third-largest economy in Latin America its GDP doubled from 5.826 USD in 2000 to USD 10.350 in 2012 and today is considered as one of the most business-friendly countries in Latin America. The central bank (Banco de la República) is an important player of Colombian Economics, for more than a decade the inflation has been lower than 10%, helping to the normal growth of the country.


Our program aims to introduce the Colombian economy to participants. It includes different perspectives of this outstanding topic. We provide a summary of the current situation, while also providing a useful historical background. First, we can offer a position from policy makers, with “Banco de la República”, since, they are in charge of monetary policy. We will also visit some private sector and industry leaders that contribute to the continued economic growth in the country. In addition to the traditional economic players, we will introduce participants to start-ups.  These engines are creating new opportunities and opening new futures for many Colombians.  Last but not least, the program will emphasize public policy, focusing on social programming promising greater equity for all Colombians and closing the economic inequality gap.

Sample Itinerary 

Day 1 - Arrival in Bogotá

¡Bienvenido! (Welcome to Colombia!) A Campus Colombia representative will be at the airport to meet the group upon arrival. A private transfer will take you to the accommodation.

Oriental Session: After check-in, you will have a short orientation session at your lodging about Safety & Culture in Colombia.

Survival Spanish Lesson: You will have some useful information to get by in Colombia. If you already speak Spanish, it will be an opportunity to learn particular and typical expressions that are just understood in Colombia.

Welcome dinner: Enjoy your first group meal in Colombia at a traditional restaurant!

Day 2 -   

- Bogotá City Tour: You will have a full afternoon guided tour of Bogota where you will explore some of Bogota most culturally significant neighborhoods. Beginning in the historic Plaza de Bolivar, you will walk through la Candelaria, during a couple of hours you will feel the colonial spirit in the streets and architecture that are well conserved.

- Visit to Gold Museum: The exhibitions were completely renovated in 2008, in an enlarged building with magnificent architecture. The Gold Museum's permanent exhibition invites you to discover the history of how gold and other metals were used by the pre-Hispanic societies who lived in the land today known as Colombia. It is displayed in four exhibition galleries and an exploration area, all of which you can visit in whatever order you prefer.



$ 1,590* per participant


2 On-site Coordinators
Group Meals
Academic + Experiential
24h Campus Brasil Support
Transfers and Ground
* Prices are in USD (U.S. dollar) considering a group of 30 participants + 1 chaperone free of charge, accommodated in a
3-star hotel.  Price is subjected to change based on availability and exchange rate.
3-star Hotels


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