Business in Argentina:

Start-Ups to Multinationals

12-Day Sample Program in Buenos Aires and Uruguai

Argentina is the third largest economy in Latin America and the second largest in South America, right behind Brazil. Argentina’s economy has seen steady growth over the past decade despite its relatively low participation in international markets. It has benefitted from a macroeconomic balance for the past six years which has allowed for an increase in local and foreign investment.


The country has a diverse economy supported by large agricultural industries, particularly focused on soy, manufacturing, services - ranging from IT to communications, and natural resources. In addition, Argentina offers a vast opportunity for investment in its resources, an educated work force with internationally recognized talents, renowned universities and research centers. Argentina has had a fluctuating history of periods of growth and recession the latest as recent as 2001. While Argentina has struggled with economic instability and some of the worst inflation in the world, the country is ready to make significant changes led by new president who is backed by the business community.


The new administration has sworn to combat inflation, stem the outflow of foreign investment, and lay the foundation for Argentina’s re-emergence as a South American economic powerhouse Given the recent increase in stability, the agricultural sector as well as the different productive areas, along with the development of new technologies applied to manufacturing and the growth of international trade have made this country an ideal place for investment. Through this program students will get a first hand look at the state of business today in Argentina.


Through a series of lectures, workshops, site visits and discussions with a representative array of the country’s varied industries, students will gain an understanding of the economic transformation Argentina is undergoing to promote sustainable development and integration into a global economy. Students will have the opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs of Buenos Aires’ growing startup community to learn what it takes to launch a business in this economic climate as well as talk with directors of major multinational companies to understand their international business strategy in a country that is just beginning to enter the global economy. While gaining insight into the country’s economic development students will also engage with Argentina’s rich cultural traditions and historical sites.

Sample Itinerary 

Day 1 - Arrival in Buenos Aires

A Campus Argentina representative will be at the airport to meet your group upon arrival. You will be transported to your accommodation.

- Orientation Session:

After check-in, you will have a short orientation session at your lodging about Safety & Culture in Argentina. After the Orientation Session you will have free time to explore, relax, and prepare for your adventure in Argentina!

- Welcome Dinner

In the evening we will have a traditional Argentine barbecue “asado” welcome dinner at or near your lodging.

Day 2 -   

- Crash Course - Spanish for Business:

Learn the spanish vocabulary used everyday in a Spanish-speaking professional environment. You will be taught the basics of the vocabulary and other language components specific to a formal business setting. This will help you get acquainted with the Spanish needed for real-life business situations.

- Lecture - State of Argentine Business Today:

W​ ith a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of more than US$550 million, Argentina is one of the largest economies in Latin America. While Argentina has grappled with some of the worst inflation in the world and a struggling economy, the country is poised to start a new chapter with a new president who is backed by the business community. In this discussion you will gain an understanding of the economic transformation Argentina is undergoing to promote sustainable development and integration into a global economy.

Day 3 -

- Visit Kimberly-Clark Argentina::

Start the day off by visiting a successful multinational business in Argentina. Tour the offices and meet with members of their leadership team to discuss the state of doing business in Argentina today and the strategies they employ to thrive in Argentina’s market.

- Lecture - Doing Business in Argentina:

T​ his afternoon’s session will be a panel of two guest speakers, a legal expert in business law in Argentina, and a representative from the office of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) a part of the World Bank Group. These two representatives will be able to provide insight on the framework that businesses must operate within in Argentina as well as the effort being made by the international community foster growth in Argentina. These talks will help to demonstrate the framework of business in Argentina at an internal level.



$ 1,590* per participant


2 On-site Coordinators
Group Meals
Academic + Experiential
24h Campus Brasil Support
Transfers and Ground
* Prices are in USD (U.S. dollar) considering a group of 30 participants + 1 chaperone free of charge, accommodated in a
3-star hotel.  Price is subjected to change based on availability and exchange rate.
3-star Hotels


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