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​Comprised of local logistic experts, regional academic knowledge, and a network of local partners our Campuses are platforms enabling educators to promote experiential interactions across the streets of Latin America. ​


Are you organizing a study program? Or, have an idea for a study experience? Great! We can help.  Reach out with your program concept and we will work alongside you to help bring it off the paper to realize a customized, immersive, experiential international program.



Make our Campuses Yours

If you’re in need of some inspiration take a look at the following sample programs. Every program is​ customizable to your specifications — dates, length, location, visits, focus, etc. Also, explore how you can collaborate on current international consortium programming.

Business and Economics
Agriculture and Agribusiness
Renewable Energy and Sustainability
IR and Politics
Sports and Physical Education
Innovative Education
Afro-Brazilian Culture
Architecture/Urban Planning
Culinary Arts
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Environmental Studies
Human Rights
Business: Start-Ups to MNEs
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Social Innovation
Entrepreneurship/Economic Landscape
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Interested in developing a program for your students but don't know how to start? We're here to help! Tell us more about your program, what does it look like? Where will it be, which cities? 

What kinds of interactions?


Our program specialists would love to hear from you and help you develop your ideal program!


Business & Economic Development
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