campus b is an international education facilitator specialized in expanding experiential learning opportunities

"Campus Brasil is my favorite educational travel agency in the world! In addition to arranging top-notch company visits, business lectures and cultural activities, they also take our students to social events and, at the end of the trip, my students have not only learned how business in Brazil functions, they also go home having made close friends with the people from Campus Brasil."

Christine Gozdziak, 

Assistant Dean of Business International Programs at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 



we transform anywhere into a learning space


  • transportation — by land, water and air 

  • accommodations — unique and personalized, from river boats to apartments

  • local experienced coordinators

  experiential interactions


  • field visits to companies & NGOs

  • international peer learning

  • classes at local universities

  • case competitions 

  • community development projects 

  • consulting projects 

(MBA + undergraduate) 

  • problem-based learning challenges 

  • roundtables

  • c-level conversations


cultural experiences


we take you beyond the tourist destinations to introduce students to authentic experiences


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Promoting the development of 
new global leaders by providing 
professional internship experiences:

- facilitate placements in startups, companies, and non-profit organizations;
- visa support;
- monitoring and mentorship


travel brazil study abroad

“Words would not do justice in explaining the level of expertise and professionalism this entire staff brings to the table when helping to coordinate your travel experience to Brazil. They take you beyond the average tourist vacation and into the true, raw travel experience students/travelers like us crave. They welcome you with open arms and show you what it means to live like a local. As a travel professional, student traveler and even lone traveler I wouldn't dream of sending clients nor friends nor myself down to Brazil without the help of this company, full of what I now consider lifelong friends."

Caitlin Dobson, 

Masters Candidate – Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California Innovations in Brazilian Public Diplomacy ‘14



As an in-country international education resource, we provide you the tools to support dynamic, high-impact experiential learning.  Through our network, we also augment opportunities for collaboration on international consortium programming.

spresso 7 - University of Maryland
o de Janeiro





For years we have collaborated with institutions from around the world, connecting each to Latin America through programs and constructive interactions with local academia, community organizations, private sector enterprises and public offices


travel brazil study abroad

"Our respect for Campus Brasil is immense.  Leading European Executives into Latin America to gain a rich, deep and authentic understanding of Brazil’s economy is no easy task.  Consequently, Campus Brasil has proven on all levels the capacity to be an extension of our Business School excellence as we travel abroad in Brasil.  On every level, our Executive MBA participants have extended their thanks and their praise for excellent in-country logistics, comfortable lodgings, strong and pertinent programming (academic as well as corporate visits).  Most importantly, elegance, cultural awareness and diplomacy demonstrate throughout every leg of our trips… of course, that may just be the usual warmth and love of the Brazilian people?  My thanks to Campus Brasil for excellent service year after year…  Cannot recommend them enough!” 

Kirt Wood

Kedge Global MBA Manager Paris,

Kedge Business School





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